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BDS Combat Fitness

Lose body fat, get ripped, stay fit and street-ready!

If you are looking for a hobby that will help you get rid of excess fat and gain muscle in the shortest time possible then BDS Combat Fitness is the right choice for you!

Developed under supervision of top notch sports physiotherapists and personal trainers, BDS Combat Fitness is the cutting edge of functional training (the kind of training that supports movements we use in our daily life as opposed to isolated muscle building).

Even though the program will give you defined abs and a tight butt, thus making your next trip to the beach a very enjoyable one, it really works the core of your muscles and gets your body more flexible and responsive for when needed.

The Idea:

On the search for a fitness program that supports the skills of a Wing Tsjun fighter, I held several meetings with physical educators, medical doctors and personal trainers. One of these experts was the German fitness performance specialist David Gröger.
The two of us developed a highly effective and sophisticated fitness program that not only boosts the performance of each Wing Tsjun practitioner to a level never seen before, but offers EVERYONE, regardless of their fitness level, a fantastic way to get ripped, lean and develop muscle – QUICK!

Forget about running to the gym or going through the 50th fitness DVD. BDS Combat Fitness is exactly what you need to lose weight, become flexible and strong.

The program improves coordination, balance, and stamina. Lets face it, it helps you get the six pack you´ve always wanted.

So here´s what I want you to do:

Leave your details on the list below and we´ll E-Mail you some free video material you can use at home to see what BDS Combat Fitness can do for you.

We will also invite you to participate in a free trial lesson and you will be directed to the school closest to you.

Watch the free video I posted on that page -- it’ll give you a bunch of free tips that you can start using in your workouts even before you sign up to train with us. And when you’re ready, sign up for the course and we’ll start training together at one of our training centers.

I know that you have what it takes to get the ripped body you’ve always wanted, and I believe in you.

So sign in for free now, and we’ll get started building your new ripped body together.

Your new coach,
Sifu Thommy


BDS Combat Fitness is currently offered in our Langenfeld school, Thursdays, 19:00 - 20:00 Uhr!!

Sign up now for your trial lesson!

Stop by and see what it is that makes Wing Tsjun so extraordinary!

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