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Kung Fu for Kids


Kung Fu for Kids (7-11 years old)

There are many reasons for which children enroll in martial arts classes.

Some simply have fun engaging sporting activities and doing exercise, others are perhaps insecure and want to be more self-confident. Then, there are children who have excess energy that needs to be channelled, while others would like to be able to defend themselves from mobbing and / or aggressive schoolmates.

Whatever the reason for sending your children to Kung-Fu classes, they all experience one thing: a positive change in their lives.

Based on traditional and centuries-old techniques of Wing Tsjun Kung-Fu as well as other martial arts and sports, we have developed a program for children that is concerned with the personal development of each child.

Kung-Fu (Chinese for "hard work"), or more precisely Wu-Shu, originates from China and enjoys thousands of years of tradition. There are innumerable Kung-Fu styles throughout the world that can roughly be divided into "inner" and "outer" styles. While inner styles are concerned mainly with the practitioners? health and have become known as Chi-Kung or Tai-Chi, outer styles are about achieving fitness, self-confidence and bodily strength, as well as learning self-defense techniques.

The children's Kung-Fu program provided by Wing Tsjun International offers children glimpses into many common martial arts. This is how a child learns, for example, what a liver punch in boxing or a shoulder throw in Judo is and how these techniques are applied and countered.

The Kung Fu Grading Program


Here is an overview of the colored belts (in order) that the students can acheive: 

  • white
  • yellow
  • orange
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • purple
  • brown
  • black



The Black Belt Exam

The black belt examination is the maturity test of martial arts.

At Wing Tsjun International, a student awarded a black belt leaves the children's program and automatically receives the first Wing Tsjun student degree. He now has the advantage of having an extensive overview of several martial arts and he can dedicate his progressing or mature self to different martial arts with deep knowledge and understanding of the subject.

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