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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

The Wing Tsjun Curriculum


In order to provide structure to the teaching, the Wing Tsjun System of Boehlig Defense Systems is divided into 12 student levels. Every level has a set goal and it serves as a guideline for the student. The grading exam will establish if the contents have been absorbed and thus the next level can be approached thereafter.

The training plan that every student follows has two purposes: to support the training and to provide "internal" quality control; only the student that has complete knowledge of the program will be allowed to take part in the exams.

Wing Tsjun is known worldwide to be the most effective martial art. The Wing Tsjun training will give you real self defense skills faster than any other style.

The Wing Tsjun students will learn how to deal with attacks from other martial arts, like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ju-Jitsu or boxing, but also with Wing Tsjun specific ones.

As opposed to many other styles, Wing Tsjun is not limited to just one fighting distance (like boxing which only deals with hand techniques for example). The student will learn how to defend against attacks from different ranges, regardless of standing, or falling, or on the ground.

Dealing with all types of weapons is also part of the training program. The students will study the use of weapons and also disarming techniques.

In the advanced program the student also learns how to fight against multiple attackers and gains arrest and controlling skills by using "soft control" techniques, alone or as part of a specialized team.

The Wing Tsjun system is famous for its unique way of fighting an opponent even with eyes closed. This training method is called Chi Sao (sticky arms). The student learns how to move in sync with the opponent. He will allow the attacker to direct him and thus he will be able to neutralize his attacks in a split of a second. Chi Sao is only a training method, it is not to be seen as an actual fight.

Advanced Wing Tsjun teachers train with the wooden dummy and also with the traditional weapons, like the long pole (Lok Dim Poon Kwun) and the double knives (Bart Cham Dao).

The technical and fighting ability is not the only aim of the training - very important is learning how to cope with stress situations and how to gain more self-awareness and self-confidence. Even when confronted with violence, the intention should be to avoid hurting other people and stop the fight straight away. The training will also increase the fitness level and will have a very positive effect on the health in general, helping the practitioner to get a better sense of self-appreciation and happiness. The instructors within Boehlig Defense Systems will do their best in supporting whatever your goals might be.

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