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BDS Prevention


Since 1996, BDS Instructors have been teaching a uniquely designed preventative program, (devised specifically to teach deescalation, restrain and control techniques) to schools/child care workers, government agencies and private companies.

The main goal of this rhetorically founded program is as follows: give students the tools and confidence needed to handle any altercation, both physical and verbal, with minimal stress and effort. This is often replicated through role-play exercises that attempt to mimic real life situations so that the student learns how to say “No!” with confidence, as well as how to size up a potentially dangerous encounter.

This intense schooling aims to improve both learning and concentration capacity, and often includes such sensitive topics as harassment and rape, in order to increase awareness and consciousness of real (often undiscussed) problems.

Here are some of the themes covered by BDS Prevention training:

  • Exercises aimed at elevating self confidence and avoiding victimization
  • Deescalation through facial and body language
  • Perceiving danger and improving reflexes
  • Diverse ways of reacting, which differ from learned and ingrained gender roles
  • Fear: from within oneself or through others, learn to accept and deal with fear
  • Realizing and determining boundaries through role playing exercises
  • Non-verbal, verbal, confrontation and assertiveness techniques (e.g. clear and concise communication that anyone can understand.)
  • Train in a multitude of simple, applicable self defense techniques and strategies
  • Emergency solutions, both verbal and physical

Participants can be divided by either gender or by age group, but this is not a prerequisite. BDS offers a flexible curriculum, each designed specifically for the group for which it was intended.

Come as you are!

As per our philosophy, we have no intention of changing our students, instead find and support each individual student in whichever phase or life situation that they currently occupy. Even with each’s individual strengths and weaknesses, we aim to make each situation better, not simply change the scenery.

Through training, we can easily identify all strengths and weaknesses, thereby strengthening one’s better attributes at the same time as the weaknesses fall by the wayside. 

Our students learn how to identify the path of least resistance, as well as learning how to deflect any resulting aggression. Any problems or questions not answered organically within a training session, there is always time for our students to ask questions and get the answers that they need.

Though these self defense strategies are taught in a group course atmosphere, we take the time to work with each student individually to make sure that each student gets the most possible from each training session.

Learning to deal with stress

Anxiety, restlessness, fear, depression — stress has many names

It doesn’t matter if it’s finals stress, fear of spiders, anxiety over a business meeting, or just that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, they all share the same fundamental origin: Stress.

Through role playing exercises, our students receive a very broad spectrum of situations that help them to deal with any number of possible stressful situations. 

The end goal being that each student winds up with a stronger sense of who they are, more confidence in themselves and, generally, a relaxed outlook in life.

Through tried and tested simulations, each learns where their personal boundaries lie and how to, through conscious application, test those boundaries and even eventually find the power to change where they lie.

Each class ends with an “assault simulation” where students will have a chance to “face off” with an instructor, who is role playing as “the aggressor”. When the student is able to fend off our instructor with applied techniques learned through class, that’s when it’s finally clear: You’ve done it! And those able to fend off an attack without having to use Wing Tsjun techniques, THAT’S THE POINT. CONGRATULATIONS!


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