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Wing Tsjun International

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Summer Camp 2018 reservation


Grand International Wing Tsjun Intensive Week & SummerCamp 2018 at the BDS HQ from June 18th through 24th

Dear WTI members,

The year has merely just begun and it is already time to jump into action in order to reserve your spot at this year´s Wing Tsjun SummerCamp and the preceding intensive week in Germany.

Folks from all around the world will be present to train under Grandmaster Thommy Luke Boehlig directly, to get guidance, direction and valuable pointers in order to sharpen their WT skills unlike during any other WT training. Become a part of this uncomparable camp that over the course of twenty years has grown into be the biggest event the WTI has to offer.

If you are serious about taking your Wing Tsjun skills to the next level, then the SummerCamp is for you!

From June 18th – 21st, a four day intensive Wing Tsjun course with Dai Sifu Thommy will be held at the Langenfeld Wing Tsjun Academy, followed by a three-day SummerCamp at the WT Academy in Leichlingen, Germany.

First-hand tuition given by the highest masters of Wing Tsjun International and the meeting of old and new Wing Tsjun friends from all over the world are only some of the highlights of the event. Also, the Saturday dinner will be remembered for a long time.

In addition to Sifu Boehlig´s classes, also Sifu David Martin-Pascual (6th PG) and Sifu Toby Kleinhans ( PG) will host practical parts of the event.

Student & technician grade examinations can be taken by those who:

  1. are sufficiently prepared in their training program
  2. participate in the whole intensive week (Monday through Thursday) or in the whole SummerCamp (Friday through Sunday).
  3. register for the examination in advance, using the attached registration form

Admittance to both, SummerCamp and Intensive Week is limited, therefore a definite, written reservation is essential! Only written reservations received by 01.06.2018 will be considered. Reservations will be processed in the order they are received, and a confirmation of attendance sent out immediately by E-Mail. Only those in possession of this confirmation will be able to register at the event. Payment of the seminar fee is only possible at the event and in cash. We regret that it is not possible to use WTI vouchers to pay fees for either of the two events.


  • Only Intensivwoche 18.-21.06 - 160€
    150€ if booked before 1st of May
  • Only SummerCamp 22.-24.06. - 175€
    165€ if booked before 1st of May
  • Intensivweek and SummerCamp 18.-24.06. - 300€
    270€ if booked before 1st of May


Wing Tsjun International
Hackhausen 2c
42697 Solingen

02173 297 20 15

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