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31 August

BDS Colombia on the Go


​BDS Colombia on the Go

Ok, it´s quite late at night and I just finished a Skype call with our representative in Colombia who just opened his school in Bogotá, the Colombian capitol.

I was absolutely blown away by a full house filled with smiling faces and in the middle of all this commotion our school owner Jimmy.

He came to meet me in Brazil on one of my seminar tours last year, decided to join forces with the Boehlig Defense Systems and even participated in this year´s Wing Tsjun Summer Camp in Germany.

Since then, Jimmy has been working tirelessly to establish a place where families can come together and where martial arts, self-defense and fitness classes for all age groups will make the beautiful city of Bogota even more worth a visit.

How blessed I am to work with people like him who overcome obstacles and push their limits to really fulfill their dream to make a difference and to enrich other people´s lives.

Good luck, Jimmy Rodriguez Ortega and welcome BDS Colombia to the family!

Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig

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