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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

1 February

Sifu Thommy teaches Brazilian Special Forces


BDS Tactical represents the law-enforcement branch of the Boehlig Defense Systems. Not only does it include effective self-defense techniques to ensure the safety of the officer, but it also offers efficient ways to control and haul off an aggressor. The use of reasonable force has the highest priority and having been proven very successful (the authorities using the program reported a decrease in officer injuries and in violent physical confrontation) speaks for the overall effectiveness of BDS Tactical.
Upon invitation from the head instructor of BOPE Maceió (a special unit of the Police forces in Maeció, Brazil), Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig introduced the officer to the BDS Tactical program.
Together with Brazialian National Director, Elder Lima, he demonstrated restrain and control techniques, as well as very effective self-defense derived from the Wing Tsjun system. Due to its capacity to deal with an attacker in almost any situation, Wing Tsjun is ideal to meet the needs of the Brazilan officers, who often find themselves in close-quarter combat with drug dealers in Favelas (poor neighborhoods) in the Maceió area.

After the seminar, Sifu Thommy and Elder were led through the fort and received a view into the training facilities of the unit.
It was agreed to carry on with the training of BDS Tactical in the near future.

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