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Wing Tsjun International

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5 February

The Wing Tsjun Online Academy is on its Way

The new BDS Online-Academy

Imagine you are a big fan of Wing Tsjun /Wing Chun /Wing Tsun and you would love to learn this great art. BUT you live in a place far away from any school and you don´t have the financial means to buy a ticket to fly to Europe, China or the US to learn the system.

This is where the Wing Tsjun Online Academy comes into play!

Not only will it enable you to learn all twelve student grades of this extraordinary system, but you will also be able to test for official ranks using only a training partner and a video camera. Does that sound good to you?

We are in the process of producing a highly professional and yet VERY affordable online learning center that allows you exactly that.

The project will be launched in December 2014.

Make sure to send us an E-Mail if you would like to receive more information up front.

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