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Wing Tsjun International

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13 November

Live Stream during Lock Down times

Dear members,

if you should not know about it yet, we hereby inform you that for the time of the lockdown in Germany there will be live streams every Tuesday and Thursday, to which we invite every member.
These online classes take place via Zoom and we ask you to contact your school owner or Wing Tsjun International management in order to receive the access code for the classes.
Please treat these trainings like normal training sessions at your school.

That means:

  • Please appear in uniform
  • Bring something to drink
  • Something to take notes with is also recommended
  • Be ready to sweat it out with us and learn something new
  • You are welcome to take parents, children or siblings with you to the call to have a training partner
  • Most of the exercises will be individual exercises, but from time to time there may be partner training

Last Tuesday alone, more than 360 members took part in the online trainings, which are each time carried out by a different WTI teacher.
Once a class is done, videos of these trainings are posted on an online platform that is also only available to members.
You can receive the access data for this from your instructor or the WTI management as well.

Here are the times for the various classes (all at Central European Time):

Kung Fu Pandas (3 year old children): Tue + Thu 16:00

Kung Fu Tigers (older children): Tue + Thu 17:00

Wing Tsjun for teenagers & adults: 18:00

Of course, everyone can also get a taste of the other groups.

See you all online next Tuesday!

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