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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

22 June

New Master and Technician Grades during the 25th Wing Tsjun Anniversary

To say that the last week was intense would be an understatement.

Beginning with the annual Wing Tsjun intensive week which included participants from six countries, the week reached its peak with the international summer camp during which the organization´s leaders celebrated their 25th WT anniversary.

The event gave the 82 participants the opportunity to meet and train with the highest ranking people in the BDS community and to receive first-hand instruction personally from Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig. 

Dreams came true as a big number of students passed their examination to achieve the next student grade and Julia Eckert from Solingen reached the twelfth and last student grade and with that the black belt.

On Saturday night, more than 200 guests found the way to the German-Chinese Friendship Center on "King´s Alley" in Düsseldorf to celebrate 25 years of WT with Sifu Boehlig and his assistant Sifu David Martin Pascual.

The Ratingen school owner Sifu Tobias Kleinhans interviewed the two masters as they reviewed the last 25 years with a photo slide show.

Video greetings from BDS countries as far away as Greece, Sri Lanka, Columbia and Brazil reached the China Center, the Scottish BDS team led by Sifu Oana Stan blew everyone away with a stunning demonstration and the Danish school owner Martin Holm was welcomed to the WT family with a traditional tea ceremony.

The evening became exciting for Dominque Schuster from Leichlingen as he received the title of honor "Sifu of Wing Tsjun". 

Well-known guest teachers such as Judo legend Marcus Temming and Eskrima teacher Andrew Gläser kept the participants busy and Ken Berendes conducted a violence prevention seminar which was well received.

The event reached its climax as Sifu Thomas Simon  received the 3rd Technician Grade, Sifu Michael Becker and Sifu Dominique Schuster the 4th Technician Grade and Sifu Tobias Kleinhans the 5th Master Grade.

With that, Sifu Kleinhans is the third master within Wing Tsjun International.

Here you can view pictures of the event. 


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