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20 October

New Video "Wing Tsjun vs. Wing Chun

When splitting from my Sigung GM Leung Ting´s organization in 2005, I decided to join forces with GM Leung Ting´s student Sifu Allan Fong who at the time used the spelling of Wing Tjun.

Still using GM Leung Ting´s spelling of Wing Tsun did not make sense to me anymore which is why Sifu Fong and I decided to combine what he trained in Hongkong with what I learned in 15 years of daily Gong Fu in Europe.
Out came the brand we now know as Wing Tsjun and which presents my own school.

However, regardless which western way of spelling we may use, we all still practice the style that was introduced to the western world by the late Sifu Bruce Lee and others as Wing Chun Gong Fu.

In this video I will give you detailed insight into how our system is structured.
You will learn how a student is being led to success in a step-by-step process that takes him from strategies he can use against the most common attacks into the more refined Chi Sao (sticking / clinging hands) programs.

I will explain the importance of Chi Sao sections in our curriculum and how a section is built.

Over the course of the last 28 years I had the privilege to build up more than 70 Wing Tsjun schools in 15 countries and I was able to successfully teach the programs in this video to students and instructors world-wide who now train them every week to get more confident, safe and fit. You can too!

I've also created something super special for you called "the WT Online Academy". It allows you to learn all twelve student grades of the Wing Tsjun system from the comfort of your home.
Check it out on and create a free profile for yourself.

You can then watch some of our free videos before considering which clips to purchase.
Let me be your guide in your very own martial arts journey and visit now.

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