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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

5 March

School opening in Remscheid, Germany

Train a whole month for free!

Effective today the BDS school in Remscheid, Germany opens its doors for children and adults under Nils Wojewoda (1. Teacher Grade).

During the grand opening which, apart from 30 visitors was attended by Dai-Sifu and Simo as well as Sifu Andreas Wojewoda (3. Teacher Grade), school owner Nils led through the history of the Wing Tsjun system.

He and his team demonstrated how Wing Tsjun practitioners react differently according to the escalatory phase a confrontation should face. 

Throughout March prospective students have the opportunity to try out classes free of charge!

The BDS HQ congratulates Nils on the grand opening of his school and wishes him lots of success with our youngest BDS branch.

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