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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

20 January

Sifu and Simo in Sri Lanka

This has been a very touching, stressful, exciting and most of all eventful week for us.
New friendships have been established, old ones deepened, my organization has reached a new level of professionalism in Sri Lanka and, thanks to my team over there, I am looking forward to a great cooperation in the future.

We had many important meetings (for example with UN officials and Brigadier General Sumith Atapttu), performed and promoted the BDS programs on television and, maybe most importantly, now might have the chance to recognize Wing Tsjun as an official sport in the country. With this accreditation comes the opportunity to train armed forces in order to ensure their safety in dangerous situations and to bring violence prevention programs for women and girls to the schools, hopefully enriching the lives of many.

Thank you Sifu Premil Naveendra and team for the excellent work you are doing. I have high hopes for BDS Wing Tsjun International Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the unforgettable moments:

The Singhalese Boehlig Defense Systems team got to perform at two television stations to introduce the programs taught within the BDS to the public in Sri Lanka. Here are some shots. Thanks a lot to Simo for performing Wing Tsjun on TV for the first time in her life, and to my wonderful team Sifu Premil Naveendra, Kasun, Shamen & Kennath Wanniarachchi. I could not have pulled this off without you guys!

Dai-Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig

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