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13 July

Sifu Gwok Wai Zaam in Germany

On October 19 & 20 we will welcome Sifu Gwok Wai Zaam at the Wing Tsjun International Academy in Langenfeld, Germany.

Gwok Was Zaam is a 5th generation Fatsaan Wing Chun Kuen inheritor.

He is from Man Lam village in Naam Hoi and he started learning Wing Chun Kuen at the age of 10 from his father Gwok Fu. 

Being known as the late Grandmaster Yip Man´s best and most well-known student of his time in Fatsaan, Gwok Fu began to teach his son in 1962.

Early in his life he began assisting his father in teaching students and he took up various positions in the martial arts community, such as promoting countless competitions in the filed of forms, Chi Sao and San Da (free fighting).

After retiring from active teaching, his father Gwok Fu designated him as the inheritor of Fatsaan Wing Chun Kuen. The Chinese government officially recognized the style and began to support it.

Two day seminar in Langenfeld

During Sifu Gwok Wai Zaam´s seminar at our international academy, the WTI members will be given the chance to experience real Fatsaan Wing Chun first hand. 

We will learn what our art looked like when Grandmaster Yip Man taught in Fatsaan and how it is being taught today.

It will be exciting to learn about similarities and differences between Sifu Gwok´s and our Hongkong-based Wing Tsjun and to find out about the particularities of his style.

Special features of Gwok Wai Zaam Wing Chun:

While there are a number of programs that make this style interesting, we would like to point out the importance of Kuen Faat (unarmed form principle) which follows the idea: „Discard the complicated. Be simple, to the point and clear“. 

Every move is used to fight, the purpose is to control the opponent quickly.

Here are some essential mottos to focus on during the training:

  • When practicing, be round on the inside and square on the outside.
  • Emphasize on the defense line.
  • Do not use fancy and big moves.
  • Practicality is the priority. 
  • Attacking hands are also deflecting hands.
  • Use an attack to defend.
  • Go forward as well as backward.
  • Follow the shadow sign to hit the body. 
  • Use simple, basic movements to form a technique.
  • Borrow power, deflect power, use lightness to deal with heaviness, be close to chase and apply force, hit the weakest spot of the opponent, attack quickly to finish quickly.
  • Use the Three Tips Fist: Cyun Ging (inch power), Zan Ging Lik (earthquake power) & Cyun Tau Lik (penetrating power).
  • Use step work such as Loeng Ji (double move), Bik Bou (pushing steps), Wui Jing Bou (backward pulling step).
  • Combine with Yin Yang Baat Gwaa (eight trigrams) & Sam Faat (idea).
  • Utilize with Giu (leverage), Zaam (chop), Cit (cut), Laan (block) & Kau (draw out). 
  • Apply control methods with the most direct angle, release the fastest and most powerful techniques to break the enemy and win.


Date & time: October 19 & 20, 10:00 - 14:00

Place: Langenfeld Wing Tsjun Academy, Kronprinzstrasse 90a, 40764 Langenfeld

Fee: One day 75,— €, both days 100 €,— (to be paid cash on site)

This seminar is for WTI members only

All members of youth and adults classes are welcome to attend.
The seminar is also recommended for beginners.

You can view more pictures here.

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