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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

3 May

Summer Camp and 25th Anniversary


No retreat, no surrender - that ́s the name of the movie that made me worship Bruce Lee and that ignited a fire in me to emulate Chinese Kung Fu! Looking back, this is quite an accomplishment because neither does Bruce Lee himself appear in the film, nor does it show Chinese Kung Fu but rather a „Sensei Lee“ who returns from the dead to teach a Karate boy to overcome some bullies. Anyway, I was blown away and henceforth convinced that Bruce Lee was a practitioner of Japanese Karate and that I had to learn it. You can imagine how happy I was when my cousin Chris took me to his Kenpo Karate classes in Virginia Beach.

„Get your kicks at Beach Kenpo“ was the slogan the school used and after a few lessons I knew that I had to become a martial artist - period.
Back in Germany I was delighted to learn that my friend from kindergarten days, David had discovered that a new martial arts club was advertising in our home town. The school claimed to teach the basis of Bruce Lee ́s fighting style, Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

What followed my first lesson has developed into a life beyond my wildest dreams. And the greatest thing for me is that up until now I get to live this life together with my old friend David.

It is my pleasure to invite you to celebrate 25 years of martial arts history together with us!

Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig 


JUNE 13 - 16

What started as a workout weekend for Wing Tsjun students from a handful of German schools 19 years ago has grown into a week full of action, fun, laughter, sweat, hard work and friendship.

Your day will begin at 9:30 at the Langenfeld Wing Tsjun Academy where the main focus lies in improving your very own program.
Here you can get tuition directly from the source as Grandmaster Thommy Luke Boehlig teaches what the syllabus requires and gives insights
into the strategies behind the grading program.

Classes in the evening will round up your experience by giving you the invaluable opportunity to train under various highly skilled sifus and with training partners from all over the world.


JUNE 17- 19

This 3-day high-energy Boot Camp held at the Leichlingen WT Academy as well as the beautiful China Center in Downtown Duesseldorf
and will give you the knowledge and train you on specific skills necessary to significantly improve both the inner and outer development of WT

You will learn:

  • How to control your state of mind, especially in life-threatening situations.
  • How to fight off an opponent single-handed while his buddy is manipulating you by pulling your other arm away.
  • How to defend yourself when you only have very limited action space.
  • The role of forms and why the idea of form has to follow the principle of function.
  • Why we do many whings differently than traditional Wing Chun.
  • Why the architecture of Wing Tsjun is designed the way it is.
  • Why it is important to break with old habits (even our own).
  • The differences between inner and outer Kung Fu.
  • Applications of Yin and Yang in the WT system.
  • Strategies to deal with multiple attackers.
  • The three components that make WT a system.
  • The four ways to generate force.



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