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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

27 October

Wing Tsjun goes University

  • How does the famous one-inch Wing Tsjun punch enable a Wing Tsjun practitioner to launch his opponent into the air?
  • Why do Wing Tsjun force principles seem to defy Newton´s law?
  • How is it possible for a Wing Tsjun practitioner to remain standing even though his partner uses all of their strength to push him over?

Professor of Physics André Bresges PhD of the Cologne University along with the scientific YouTube channel "Breaking Lab" visited Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig today with two camera crews to answer these and other "mystical" Kung Fu questions.

The goals of this project?

1. Educating and qualifying confident, inspirational teachers:

Physics classes have a reputation of being somewhat boring at times. Incorporating exciting and exotic experiments from the world of martial arts can make learning more fun.
As a professor of Physics Education, Dr. Bresges has a passion for increasing the effectiveness of future teachers and their methods.  
Implementing exercises from Wing Tsjun into the education of his college students enables these "soon-to-be" teachers to study and teach the topic of Physics in a more exciting and hands-on way.
Today's new training methods will benefit future generations of university and high school students, as Dr. Bresges´ scholars will one day be teaching and inspiring their own students. 

2. Leadership Coaching for future managers:

Wing Tsjun Kung Fu is known for its straight-forward, direct and effective style that gives it a high success rate in street fights. 
But at the same time, like most other traditional combat arts, Wing Tsjun embraces a code of moral value that every master shares with their students.
Therefore, by utilizing the ingenious Wing Tsjun fighting principles in business situations along with the ethical code that comes with it, Wing Tsjun trains future leaders to successfully run their companies and organizations in a success-oriented, effective, yet ethical way.

2. Global Goals:

One of the primary goals of Wing Tsjun University is to create new and quality educational programs and make them available to universities and colleges, high schools and even elementary schools world-wide.  At the same time,  the hope is to provide ethical management strategies thus providing a foundation for future generations of students and teachers to make this world a better place.
All this may sound like a dream.  But, we believe all this can be achieved if professors, teachers, corporate and community leaders from the various fields of study form an international network based on shared goals, principles and strategies. 

Today we have combined Wing Tsjun and the study of Physics together in a powerful way.  The purpose is to create a passion for Physics and to inspire future generations. 
There is more to come…

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