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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

16 January

Meeting with Brigadier General Sumith Atapttu in Sri Lanka


Shortly after landing in Colombo, Dai-Sifu Thommy Boehlig had a meeting with General Sumith Atapttu to discuss the future of the Boehlig Defense Systems in Sri Lanka.

General Atapttu agreed to act as patron for Sifu Boehlig’s Sri Lankan branch and had expressed interest in organizing seminars for the law-enforcement program, BDS Tactical, in 2015.
As a first step, the General will provide the support needed to officially recognize BDS Wing Tsjun as a recognized sport in the country, thus enabling the BDS to teach at public schools and to give classes at the Military, Police and other Federal organizations.

The future for the BDS in Sri Lanka looks very promising and Grandmaster Boehlig plans to visit the country again in March 2015.

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