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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems

3 July

WOW! What a Summer Camp we had!

If good entertainment, intense Wing Tsjun training and happy faces are valid indicators for a successful summer camp week then I’m sure we have reached our goal. 

The objective was to give the participants of this year’s summer camp something they will be able to benefit from and talk about for a long long time while at the same time helping them to sharpen their martial saw in the best way a full week of training can make possible.

I am confident that we were able to exceed that goal and I am grateful for my team, guest speakers like Torsten „Toto“ Heim and our amazing participants who worked hard, delivered nicely and were a source of inspiration to everyone at the camp.

As usual we took too many pictures to share them here, so we decided to give you the opportunity until August 1 to view and download all pictures taken at the intensive week and summer camp. 

Get them now on

You can also view a selection of the best pictures here on

Thank you for participating!

I will see you at the winter camp (November 25 - 29).

The next summer camp will take place June 15 -21.

Sifu Thommy

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