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Wing Tsjun International

Boehlig Defense Systems


8 December

Studierende gesucht!

4 May

Der Super Family Day

5 March

Information regarding our German adults classes

5 March

Information for our German parents and members

2 February
13 November

Live Stream during Lock Down times

30 October

Training im November (Deutschland)

27 October

Wing Tsjun goes University

7 May

We would like to say THANK YOU!

22 April
18 April
24 March

Statement zur Coronakrise von Sifu Thommy Luke Böhlig

16 March

Statement von Sifu Thommy zur Coronavirus-Situation

24 February

New Video - How to escape arm locks

17 February

New video - How to defend yourself on the ground

3 February

New video "Ten Punches within ONE Second"

2 January

Kicking off the newer with Wing Tsjun movies

12 December

An honor to Wing Tsjun International schools

24 October

Sifu Kwok Wai Zaam in Germany

10 September

Wing Tsjun audiobook in German language

10 August

Announcement "The Big 3 Seminar"

23 July

Lecture: "Who was Sifu Yip Man"

20 July

Summer Camp video

13 July

Sifu Gwok Wai Zaam in Germany

3 July

WOW! What a Summer Camp we had!

27 December
24 November

New WT instructors in Denmark

9 November

Star bodyguards at the WT Winter Camp

20 October

New Video "Wing Tsjun vs. Wing Chun

2 October

Video: How to get out of the tightest spot

18 September

Video "How to defend yourself on the street"

18 September

YouTube Channel updated

19 August

Video - making children safer

1 July

New video clip "Summer Camp in Germany"

15 June

New video "Sifu on Tour" in Scotland

7 March

Summer Camp registration open now

26 February

Change of seminar date

21 January

Safety tips for runners

22 December

Happy Holidays

11 December

Christmas Offer

29 August

Interview with Sifu Thommy

10 August
26 July

Announcing two new sifus among our ranks

5 July

Summer Camp 2017 - The Video

15 May

Traditional Wing Chun vs. evolving Wing Tsjun

13 May
12 May

New video - the Summer Camp is coming closer

28 April

New video: Sifu Thommy in a chi sao classic

24 April

New video clip

21 April

WT Summer Camp 2017

3 April

BDS Bulgaria is onboard

20 February

The Wing Chun Podcast featuring Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig

18 January

Further changes in the seminar schedule

4 January

Changes in the Wing Tsjun 2017 calendar

31 December

Happy New Year!

15 December

Holidays at the Wing Tsjun HQ

2 August

Wing Tsjun Winter Camp 2016

27 June

25 Years of Wing Tsjun

10 May

Celebrate with us!

3 May

Summer Camp and 25th Anniversary

9 April

Sifu Thommy on Kuwaiti television

18 February

New Video

4 January

This will be the Year of Martial Arts Movies

27 October

Winter Camp 2015

31 August

BDS Colombia on the Go

25 August

New video clip on the 3rd set of Siu Nim Tau

24 July

Help for parents

12 July

New Technician Grades in Greece

8 July

New video on

4 July

The Summer Camp 2015 Video is here!

4 July

Das SummerCamp Video ist da

18 June

New video on

11 June

New video on

26 May

New clip on

15 May

Deal of the Month May

8 May


21 April

BDS Wing Tsjun returns to Denmark

15 April

This is how the WT Online Academy works

13 April

The WT Online Academy is here!

1 April

Deal of the Month!

22 March

New Brazilian Website

19 March
12 March

Grand Opening in Bochum / Germany on April 9th at 19:00

6 March

Grand Opening in Australia

5 March

School opening in Remscheid, Germany

6 February


5 February

The Wing Tsjun Online Academy is on its Way

3 February

New Adult Classes at the Leichlingen BDS Academy

1 February

The BDS School in Virginia Beach opens its doors

29 January

The brand new BDS website and app are here!

18 January

Here it is! The official BDS Wing Tsjun App

16 January

The BDS HQ has moved

30 August

An Introduction into BDS Combat Fitness

29 June

International Summer Camp 2014

15 May

BDS Tactical at the Colombo Police Academy

17 March

Have you ever seen Wing Tsjun Sifus in a kilt?

1 February

Sifu Thommy teaches Brazilian Special Forces

22 January

Meeting with officials of the United Nations

20 January

Sifu and Simo in Sri Lanka

16 January

Meeting with Brigadier General Sumith Atapttu in Sri Lanka

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